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The Crooked Knife. and Fifth Avenues then you are only two short blocks away from an intimate bar and restaurant called The Crooked Knife.This type of crooked knife is best used for carving concave shapes such as bowls, spoons, etc.There seem to be a couple of different crooked knives, the one with the crooked handle and another with a crooked blade.

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To use the knife, the builder holds the stock to be worked against the body trunk, grasps the crooked knife in an underhand grip with the thumb extended along the handle with the other hand, and draws it into the work toward his.

With practice the crooked knife is an efficient tool for accurately shaping wood without needing use of vises or other workholding devices.

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The crooked knife was an essential tool to the Northeast Native Americans.

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The Crooked Knife is a woodland Native American tool similar in use to a draw knife.In a moment of self-doubt about whether I could finish the project, I ended up ordering a crooked knife blade from Orien MacDonald after coming across his page on Etsy.I am going to give my kids some lessons on simple carving when I take them up into the mountains for a week at the beginning of July.Images with a lot of detail have been thumbnailed to speed loading.I forged the blade a few weeks back at a Viking weekend as a forge welding test.

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History. Crooked Knife was a Native American from the Utabi Tribe who lived during the days of the American Frontier.Indigenous to the Northeast, the bikahtagenigan, or the crooked knife, was an essential tool and the ability to make one, a necessary life-skill.The upper one is an old Indian-made crooked knife with a blade made out of a straight razor.The crooked knife is a common tool found amongst the native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands as well as non-native.

This is the iconic New York that so many visitors imagine before they visit - spectacular skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.The earliest crooked knives were made from a beaver incisor left imbedded in a portion of the mandible or a beaver or porcupine incisor hafted onto a handle.A while back while working on my first crooked knife blade from an old file, I got discouraged with the speed of progress without power tools.I have toyed with this idea from time to time but today decided to make it happen.

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Meet the Crooked Rouge Sour, our take on the classic New York Sour topped with Lillet Rouge.All the northern tribes in North America and Asia have their own version of it.The Crooked Knife is a warm and inviting gastropub in Murray Hill.

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The blade has a bend in the end for carving inside of things like cups, bowls etc.

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The crooked knife you purchase is a truly historic woodworking tool, reproduced in fine Sheffield steel and bearing authorized, historic trademarks.


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The first time was an attempt right after we returned from Vancouver.